Cute Boar

Cute Boar Pack

The Cute Boar Pack is an art asset which contains models, animations, shaders and props.

- 3 Boar Rigged Models: Normal, Derpy, Strong.
- 8 Animations: Idle, Walk, Run, Sleep, Attack, Eat, Damaged, Death.
- 4 Grass textures.
- Props: 2 Nuts, Apple, Mushroom, Rock, 2 Boar Meat, Roast Boar, 2 Tree trunks.
- 4 Custom Shaders: Toon lighting, Grass, Matcap, Outline.

- Built-in Render pipeline or URP

- Does not support HDRP - URP shaders only contain a custom shader for the grass, the other use the default unlit shader.

All custom shaders were created in Amplify Shader for the built-in render pipeline.