Why use Unity?

Unity is a game engine which is made to develop games and application for many type of devices. It’s main advantage over other game engine is precisely the amount of supported devices. It is also easy to pickup for beginners.

In recent years Unity has improved considerably, adding a scriptable render pipeline for better control on the visuals and the entity component system for a boost in performance. These changes gives us the perfect opportunity to make new and exciting things.

About the author: Santiago Rubio

Since early on in life, Santiago Rubio has created games, starting with hand crafted board games to small buggy flash video games. He pursued university studies in Electronics and Information engineering to broaden his knowledge of technology. After graduating he decided to go back to doing what he found the most passion in, video games. He juggles multiple gaming related projects which takes all his time and prevents him from leaving his room, or so he thinks... He still sees the beach from his window so no one should pity him.