Year 1 of Dypsloom!

Dypsloom is now one year old!

For our first year we released 4 assets

  • Rig On The Fly: A free blender Add-on that changes the animation workflow to be rig agnostic.
  • Dyp The Penguin: A free Unity project template that showcases a simple character controller.
  • Cute Boar Pack: A 3D model pack for Unity with animations and props.
  • Rhythm Timeline: A Unity Editor extension that lets you create rhythm games easily.

These assets are quite unique from one another, we like experimenting and trying out new things to learn and improve. We couldn’t say most of these project were financial successes but that’s rarely the case at the start and it was not the goal.

We are quite pleased by how much we’ve achieved this year and we will strive for more next year! There has been ups and downs and we’ve learned a lot. We will continue to move forward and learn new things on the way to our goal.

Our plans for next year

Our plans for next year will be to continue updating our projects and perhaps start some new ones.

Rhythm Timeline which was just recently released will receive some stability updates and might receive some feature updates depending on a few factors.

Rig On The Fly will be a big focus for us. We are planning to release v1.0 very soon and we are already thinking about how we will improve our first design in V2.0.

Of course we also have ideas for new projects wether it is Unity assets or perhaps even a game. But these will require a lot of thought and time to be announced and even more to be released.

Here is to hoping that the Dypsloom community grows for many years to come!

About the author: Santiago Rubio

Since early on in life, Santiago Rubio has created games, starting with hand crafted board games to small buggy flash video games. He pursued university studies in Electronics and Information engineering to broaden his knowledge of technology. After graduating he decided to go back to doing what he found the most passion in, video games. He juggles multiple gaming related projects which takes all his time and prevents him from leaving his room, or so he thinks... He still sees the beach from his window so no one should pity him.