About Dypsloom

Dypsloom was founded by Santiago Rubio ( a.k.a Sangemdoko ) in 2020 with the help of his friends and family. Santiago started working on games at an early age when making board and card games. After earning his Masters degree in Electronics and Information Engineering he decided to shift gears and follow his dreams of making video games. He started learning game development in depth while working part-time and soon started contracting work on popular Unity store assets. After gaining enough experience, he founded Dypsloom to publish his own assets and games. Shortly after he was joined by aspiring developers with varied skillsets.

Our goal is to create game assets of excellent quality to help developpers, such as ourselves, create the game of their dreams. We use the assets that we offer as well as those of our partners to create our own games.

The Dypsloom developpers that make the assets and games are mostly contractors. Most of them also have a full/part time job in different companies, not only game related. With this diversity of developpers we complement each others work in meanigful ways and are able to bring fresh ideas to life. We hope to inspire people to make games that are fun and that will bring joy to people all around the world.

About the author: Santiago Rubio

Since early on in life, Santiago Rubio has created games, starting with hand crafted board games to small buggy flash video games. He pursued university studies in Electronics and Information engineering to broaden his knowledge of technology. After graduating he decided to go back to doing what he found the most passion in, video games. He juggles multiple gaming related projects which takes all his time and prevents him from leaving his room, or so he thinks... He still sees the beach from his window so no one should pity him.